Will School Vouchers Benefit Low-Income Families? Assessing the Evidence

By Huriya Jabbar, Jennifer Holme, Melinda A. Lemke, A. V. LeClair, Joanna Sanchez, Edgar M. Torres, and Michaela Pernetti

Texas Center for Education Policy, The University of Texas at Austin
March 2023¹

“In the following brief we assess the evidence of this claim. First, we provide a brief history of school vouchers in the United States. Next we describe the different types of voucher programs that exist, and the variation amongst them. Third, we review rigorous research on who uses vouchers and their effects on low-income and minority students. Finally, based on this evidence, we offer policy recommendations for policymakers considering such reforms.”

¹ This policy brief was initially drafted in 2015 and updated by Huriya Jabbar in 2023.